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Raising the Batting Average In Product Development

Results are most of what matters in business, and at bluesalve, positive results are the focus of all our experience and expertise. Unfortunately, the pandemic and supply...

What’s Your Plan For Health Tech?

The phrase "paradigm shift" might be shopworn throughout the tech sector, but when the real deal comes along, smart businesses need to be ready. One such shift...

Consumer Technology Industry Veteran Mike Fidler Joins bluesalve partners

ASHBURN, VA – bluesalve partners announced today that Mike Fidler, an illustrious Consumer Technology executive and industry leader, has joined the firm as a Senior Consultant. Mike has...

Strategizing a Re-Emerged CES Part I

For consumer tech veterans, every year starts off the same way, with the big bang of the annual CES show. You can feel it over your shoulder...

Data: The Path to Creating Successful Products That Customers Love

Some of our clients come to us convinced that their product should be aimed at a specific market, or that it should function a certain way. When...
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Supply Chain Strategist: Resiliency In Abnormal Times

While the pandemic's effects on the supply chain are only about 18 months old, it's been an eternity for companies caught in the middle, or worse, on...
Supply Chain Pains Webinar

Supply Chain Pains Webinar

Now available on demand: View our Supply Chain Pains webinar from May 4, 2021. Speakers and founding partners, Robert Heiblim and Avi Rosenthal presented data, insights and...


Anne Marie Rouse, Senior Consultant Mary Miller, Senior Consultant Robert Heiblim, Partner David Kaplan, Partner   The recent CEDIA Expo provided ample food for thought, even if...
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Audio Retailer Renaissance: Part 4

Now that we've discussed background and foreground on what next-gen audio retailing might look like, let's cut to the chase - where's the money? Beyond the bread...
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Audio Retailer Renaissance: Part 3

What will a successful next-generation audio retailer look like? We already know plenty of examples from the extant luxury and custom installation side of the business. As...