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Execution Genius Part II: Know Thy Customer

In the course of our work, we're often struck by how many of our clients have only a broad idea of who their target customer is or...
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Can Technology Change the State of Men’s Health?

June is Men's Health Awareness Month and by most measures, men's health could certainly use the awareness. Despite our advances in medicine and the broader trends toward...
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Lossless Will Ignite Another Audio Revolution

After years in the wilderness, the audio business is about to boom again. The recent announcements that Apple and Spotify will follow Amazon into lossless, full-fidelity music...
Inventory blog

Supply Chain Pains: Rethinking Inventory Turns

While adapting to the ongoing supply chain disruptions, many small and mid-sized companies are learning the art of improvisation. Learning on the fly often includes an element...
Supply Chain Pains: Vendor Blues

Supply Chain Pains – Shortages, delays, and gouges

Supply Chain Pains: Vendor Blues As shortages, delays and gouges reverberate throughout the supply chain, many companies that sell physical products are stuck in a quandary. Short-term...

What Price Cyber Security?

By now we've all heard the horror stories. Credit card and social security numbers hacked and stolen by the millions. Businesses held hostage and hospitals shut down...

Now available on demand: View our Supply Chain Pains webinar from May 4, 2021.

Speakers and founding partners, Robert Heiblim and Avi Rosenthal presented data, insights and expectations for the future of the consumer technology industry during a time of global...

What Will the Smart Office Look Like?

Just over a year ago, telecommuting was a rare occupation, performed by only 3.6% of U.S. employees. Thanks to the pandemic, today's number is at 44% and...

The Chips Are Down. Now What?

There often comes a moment in business, as in life, where something that's long been taken for granted suddenly isn't. The worldwide shortage of microprocessor chips is...

What Does It Really Take To Get a Patent?

Intellectual property (IP) can be a byproduct of successful innovation, however IP is not always easy to understand. There are various types of intellectual property rights, including...