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Finding Daylight In the 3G Sunset

Finding Daylight In the 3G Sunset

The sun never sets on old networks, or so it would seem. The long-awaited decommissioning of 3G cellular...
Wellness Smart Home

The Wellness-Facing Smart Home Is In the Air

Deep into the pandemic, consumers, clinicians and service providers have been looking at the health and wellness landscape...

How to Build a Profitable Business with a Solid Foundation

Start by doing the Foundational Work Every client wants to create the greatest profits possible, but few take...

CES: The Show Goes On – Part III

Once again, Axios and other media outlets reported that there was little of interest in CES -- just...

Generation Thrive: A Partnership Between the Warriors Community Foundation and Kaiser Permanente

Register Online We are excited to announce that Urban Ed Academy is co-hosting the upcoming Generation Thrive programming,...

What Are the Trends From CES 2021? What’s New Part II

Here at bluesalve partners, we all love CES. Our team has attended almost all of them. The show...

Learnings from CES 2021: Living with (Un)Certainty Part I

I am attending the first Virtual CES! Naturally, after all these decades I miss the live event. That...

The 2nd Annual STEM Success Summit

Helping amplify voices that are shaping the future of the tech industry for the better At bluesalve partners...

Diversity and Inclusion: a Small Firm’s Journey

From bluesalve partners' inception in 2019, we've recognized the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I). We want to...

The new not normal: Virtual Events and a Virtual CES

Many of us love trade shows and events. Not only do we uncover many business opportunities, we also...