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Supply Chain Pains Webinar

Supply Chain Pains Webinar

Now available on demand: View our Supply Chain Pains webinar from May 4, 2021. Speakers and founding partners, Robert Heiblim and Avi Rosenthal presented data, insights and...


Anne Marie Rouse, Senior Consultant Mary Miller, Senior Consultant Robert Heiblim, Partner David Kaplan, Partner   The recent CEDIA Expo provided ample food for thought, even if...
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Audio Retailer Renaissance: Part 4

Now that we've discussed background and foreground on what next-gen audio retailing might look like, let's cut to the chase - where's the money? Beyond the bread...
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Audio Retailer Renaissance: Part 3

What will a successful next-generation audio retailer look like? We already know plenty of examples from the extant luxury and custom installation side of the business. As...
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Audio Retailer Renaissance: Part 2

We at bluesalve Partners confidently predict that the audio industry is heading into a major new growth phase. Fresh incentives such as lossless and hi-res streaming will...
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Audio Retailer Renaissance: Part 1

Barrels of ink have been spilled over the past 20-plus years regarding the decline of the specialty audio retailer. The visits to the local "hi-fi shack" that...
Marketing expertise (3)

Marketing: The Enduring Secret Sauce

In the course of our work we often come across companies that don't consider marketing to be as critical as it really is. Nearly as often, we...
Insecurity for Security - Blog Post Image

Insecurity Behind the Security Industry?

We recently attended - in person again, at last! - the annual ISC West expo held by the Security Industry Association (SIA). We expected to see the...

The Meaning of Omnichannel

Omnichannel, omnichannel, the word is everywhere. It is used, misused, abused, and misunderstood, promoted as a buzzword and synonym for strategy by experts and charlatans alike. When...

I Did a Patent Search So I’m Free and Clear to Make/Use/Sell My Product…Right?

One often-misunderstood but truly fundamental component of a successful patent prosecution practice is patent searching. Not all patent searches are equal: a patentability search, for example, is...