Strategic Planning

Whether you are a large, well established company or a small start-up, strategic planning is an area that needs a close look with an objective mind. Even the best-in-class or the most innovative need a plan that is engineered for success, and key performance measures to get there. This means not only scrutinizing your unique offer, but also understanding changing market needs, and retail partner and distribution requirements. Without all of these elements in place, it can be very expensive to revisit after the fact.

Business Development

bluesalve partners has a rich history of successful business development. Our team has led numerous rounds of financing, created strategic partnerships with Fortune 50 to start-ups, pioneered new technologies to a broad range of CE vendors and launched finished goods products into a wide variety of channels, from specialty to mass merchandise.



Interim Management

Our consultation comes from years of successful operational experience. We have led teams as CEO, COO, VP sales, VP marketing, VP business development, VP Product Management and more. Can’t find the right talent? Aren’t ready to commit to a full-time permanent position? Can’t afford full-time head count? BlueSalve, with its broad network of associates, can help you fill a much needed role and get you the short-term results you need during an interim time frame that you can define.


bluesalve partners will help you get full value from your sales force. We have built and trained sales organizations and teams, and helped produce the kinds of data and support needed for maximum sales success. We have sold literally billions of dollars of products and services, and know that sales success comes from good execution.


We have launched nascent brands into crowded markets and built them to success from scratch. We have pioneered new products and services in both the physical and online worlds. We have re-invented brands, their products and processes, and we have done this with the very limited budgets that the competitive space of consumer goods often demands. Money is helpful, but good marketing is most often defined by data-driven execution and superior coordination with all the relevant company disciplines.

Product Development

We have deep experience throughout the entire supply chain, from materials to end users. Whether helping to define markets and discover end-user needs and pains, or getting it made on time and on budget; we have collectively planned, built and executed on tens of millions of items that consumers and businesses have bought and used– and at a profit for our companies and customers.


Appropriate first questions might be "Do we understand the unique advantage of our product or service, and we are articulating it clearly to all of our constituents? Do we really understand our competition? Do we really understand what our customers need and what their challenges are? Are we delivering what our customers are asking for, in all the ways they’re asking for it?"


The bluesalve partners team has been successful in creating and reviewing cloud infrastructure architectures and software development for start-ups and some of the largest technology companies in the world. Many products in the market require efficient embedded firmware in order to meet the necessary price points and zero latency functionality. Whether software or firmware we will work with your team to get it done efficiently

Education and Training

Taking full advantage of explosive growth in IoT and the Smart Home, often requires a strategy to effectively train employees and channel partners on products and services. Whether working with your marketing, sales, product, and training teams, or serving as interim members of that team as you launch your start-up, bluesalve can guide you through the maze of identifying, designing, creating and delivering a well-rounded and productive training curriculum, complete with testing and certification(s).

bluesalve Investment Advisory

Investing Advisement

The bluesalve partners can help you with your fundraising strategy. Having led multiple rounds of funding, we have the experience to help guide you through the do’s and dont's.