bluesalve Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Great strategic planning up front is the key ingredient for successful execution later. Is your planning on point? We can help you:

• Define, refine or re-define business goals
• Deep-dive your SWOT and competition
• Develop financial and GTM models
• Write business and operational plans

bluesalve Business Development

Business Development

What does your business need to get to the next level? We’ll help you identify and vet the possibilities. We can help you:

• Develop a winning business roadmap
• Identify strategic opportunities
• Make targeted introductions
• Structure potential transactions

bluesalve Intermin Management

Interim Management

Can’t find the right talent? Not ready to commit to a permanent position? Can’t afford FT head count? We can help you:

• Enjoy C-level talent without encumbrance
• Fill a needed role for the results you need
• Provide leadership for finite initiatives
• Execute on plan without losing a beat


bluesalve partners will help you get full value from your existing or developing sales force. We can help you:

• Optimize sales force and structure
• Reach all relevant distribution channels
• Create successful forecasts
• Coordinate sales and marketing efforts

B2B and B2C Marketing


We've launched new and nascent brands into crowded markets and built them to success from scratch. We can help you:

• Align strategy with execution
• Identify most valuable opportunities
• Devise impactful tactics within budget
• Build the right relationships

bluesalve Product Development

Product Development

We've planned, built and executed on tens of millions of items sold at a profit for our companies and clients. We can help you:

• Manage the product development process
• Find best sources
• Manage your supply chain
• Manage products, programs or both

Implementation and Execution

Our work doesn't end with advice. We sit side by side with you to execute on plan, or we can execute for you. We can help you:

• Analyze effectiveness of current practices
• Identify and overcome bottlenecks
• Transition new best practices as needed
• Effectuate change management

Engineering Management

We've been successful with cloud, software and hardware for some of the largest tech companies in the world. We can help you:

• Design more efficient firmware
• Meet necessary price points
• Move through testing and certifications
• Deliver products on time and on budget

bluesalve Investment AdvisoryFundraising Advisory

The bluesalve partners have the experience to guide you through fundraising, from seed to growth. We can help you:

• Fully assess capital needs
• Determine strategic and financial routes
• Define your most investable USPs
• Prepare projections and pitch strategy