Engineering Management

We've successfully created and reviewed cloud architectures and software development for startups and some of the largest technology companies in the world.

It's one thing to plan a product, but many others to develop it and bring it to market. Do you have the right expertise in house? If not, do you know where to get it? We can help you manage the entire engineering process from start to finish. We can work right by your side with your team, or we can manage the entire process for you.

We can help you formulate the product requirements document, and manage the request for proposal process to the broad network of hardware and software vendors we’ve been successful with.  Do you have the right connections to pick the right vendors to get the right deliverables at the right cost? We do, and we can help you hit your goals and timelines -- just the way they were planned.

bluesalve_engineeringbluesalve can help you:

  • Formulate a scalable product requirements document
  • Oversee the RFP process with potential suppliers
  • Optimize embedded firmware to meet necessary price points
  • Optimize software and cloud for zero latency performance
  • Optimize hardware for manufacturing efficiencies
  • Review and prepare for any regulatory testing

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Members of the bluesalve partners team can help guide you, as we have successfully tested and certified hundreds of products and have deep connections to get your product through efficiently and under budget.