Ineffective execution is a problem that can result from any number of factors.

One common cause is the disconnect between those who are formulating strategy and those who have to execute it–  the "t-shirt, turtleneck and suit" syndrome. Other common causes include teams working in silos; managers struggling with legacy cultures; incentives and compensation being at cross purposes with the company’s objectives; redundant processes; teams feeling at odds with the company’s goals, and too many initiatives taking place without sufficient prioritization. These are only a few examples.

  • Is there alignment up, down and across the organization regarding your strategy?
  • Can everyone in the organization articulate what your strategy is?
  • Does your team feel engaged with the development and evolution of the strategy?
  • Is your organization equipped to adapt and handle strategic changes?

Making strategy work is more difficult than the task of strategy making"

Dr. Lawrence Hrebiniak, Professor, Department of Management, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.

All too often, senior executives that aren’t getting the performance that they’ve expected look to revising the strategy. In effect, they ask, "Is there a modification we can make, a new channel we can enter, a new sector we can address, or a new business model we can create?" This typically results in a "strategy du jour", and creates unending confusion, lack of focus, and an exacerbation of existing execution issues.

While all of these may be good questions to ask, they are not a replacement for clear examination of whether or not the implementation of the strategy is the obstacle to achieving your expectations.

More appropriate first questions might be "Do we understand the unique advantage of our product or service, and we are articulating it clearly to all of our constituents? Do we really understand our competition? Do we really understand what our customers need and what their challenges are? Are we delivering what our customers are asking for, in all the ways they’re asking for it?"

These types of questions, answered honestly and objectively, are the ones most likely to achieve positive results. If the answers to these questions are inadequate, there is a high likelihood of a strategy that can not fully succeed.

Our diverse leadership background in start-up to Fortune 50 companies span a wide variety of retail, manufacturing, OEM technology, services and distribution models. Time and again, they have succeeded in their unique capacity for identifying organizational constraints and creating achievable solutions.

bluesalve partners can help you:

  • Create an alignment of strategy across your organization
  • Find and eliminate redundancies and bottlenecks
  • Identify areas of your business that are working at cross purposes
  • Analyze the effectiveness of existing practices
  • Transition new best practices as needed
  • Effectuate change management in this dynamic environment

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