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What We Do

Motum’s mobility-facing platform for aging in place allows seniors and others with life-limiting conditions to safely "Age Well" at home. Breakthrough assistive and safety technologies with machine-learning remote analytics provide proactive, actionable insights for the senior's entire care network, from family through professional home health workers to clinical telecare.


Aging well is a fundamental goal for seniors, their family members and their care professionals. Aging well and independent ability rely on safety and security, social engagement, managing health conditions and staying mobile.

Mobility issues are the #1 physical challenge for 45m US seniors. One in four seniors use a mobility aid and one in three fall each year. These falls cost $70b in annual healthcare spending and are the leading cause of lost independence.

Clinical studies show that changes in mobility are key indicators of fall risk and deterioration of health and ability. Our proactive insights into wellness trends, mobility health and fall risk strengthens independent ability and reduces falls.


For its introduction, Motum offers the world’s first intelligent, instrumented walking aid. This advanced replacement for the cane is designed for fall prevention and relays motion information via on-board cellular connectivity. The product also includes a built-in panic button (mPERS) with 2-way voice.

Using machine-learning artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, the Motum platform provides coaching, alerts and proactive care opportunities that enhance senior independence and Aging Well. The services are driven by both objective and subjective data regarding the senior’s health and wellness, including quantified mobility health and fall risk assessments.


Two US patents awarded, exclusive license to a third. Successful works-like prototype; pre-IRB data demonstrating safer mobility and reduced fall risk. Development partnership with AT&T via AT&T Foundry innovation center.

Competitive Differentiation

Unlike today’s reactive safety services for seniors, Motum's platform is designed to allow for proactive interventions. We are the only aging in place/telecare platform focused on mobility.

Go To Market

The company will launch B2B2C via home security and personal safety & emergency response (PERS) providers, home health providers, durable medical equipment suppliers, insurance providers and managed care.

Revenue Model

The company plans to sell its introductory smart cane product through a variety of channels and service partners. Recurring revenue of ~$10/month per subscriber will be generated via monitoring and notification services, including health and wellness, personal safety and emergency response.


Pre-Revenues, Seed


Health Tech, mHealth

Number of Employees:


Market Size:

Between $5B and $6B

Projected Revenues

Year 1: $3.0M
Year 2: $7.5M
Year 3: $17.5M

Use of Proceeds ($0.9M)

Development of the motum smart mobility aid, machine learning insight engine, related IOT applications and partnerships for Beta Introduction.

Management Team


Lewis Brown

30 yrs. executive experience consumer technologies; Partner, BlueSalve Partners, CEO of MiOS smart home SaaS platform.


Ron Goldberg

25 yrs. consumer tech market development; IEC/CTA standards bodies
for wearable tech, AI
in healthcare.

0 (1)

Stuart Karten

30 yrs. health tech product development; Abbot, Baxter, Starkey, Kohler, over 100 international design awards.

Contact Information:   Lewis Brown  |  415.686.5865  |  Oakland, CA, United States